All of Charlies' Cowdogs are registered with the
Hangin Tree Cowdog Association Inc.
If you buy a dog from Charlie you will receive a registration certificate.

Hangin' Tree Cowdogs For Sale

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Charlies' Cowdogs
Hangin' Tree Cowdog Puppies
Hangin Tree Cowdog Puppies

Charlies' Cowdogs will have a limited number of Hangin' Tree Cowdogs for sale.

They will be at various levels of training.

  • Puppies are guaranteed to want to work cattle.
  • Working dogs are guaranteed to be as represented.
  • Free Help With Purchase - If you buy a dog from Charlie Trayer, whether it is trained, started, or a pup you will be granted as much help learning to handle and use your dog as you want at no cost, excluding clinics. These are very good dogs and I want to see the new owner do good with them.

A Quote From Charlie

If you want a loyal friend that will greet you with a smile and is eagar to please you and is hard working you might be interested in my dogs.

My dogs are the original line of Hangin' Tree Cowdogs. I have kept my breeding program pure by only using tested and approved true Hangin' Tree Cowdogs. I stand behind my dogs 100%. I believe in treating my customers like I would like to be treated. I will not give you alot of fast talk and a line of BS. If you are interested I can give you many references of satisfied customers.

These are super dogs that have the brains and ability to do about any job on the ranch handling stock. These dogs have alot of heart and are the kind of dog that can stay with you when the going gets tough where less courageous dogs will quit you.

You are welcome to come see these dogs and see them work anytime. It would be best if you called ahead of time so I will be around.

Hangin Tree Cowdog Puppies

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Some Past Litters

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Hangin Tree Cowdog Puppies For Sale Hangin Tree Cowdog Puppies For Sale Hangin Tree Cowdog Puppies For Sale
Parents -
Gunny and Black Belle
Parents - Gunny and Niki Parents - Frank and Sheila

Check with Charlie on availability of pups.

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