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The Hangin Tree Cowdog

The Ultimate Cowboy's Dog

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Bob and Liza
Hangin Tree Cowdogs Loading Cattle in a Trailer

Gary Ericsson and his son Choc developed the Hangin' Tree Cowdog.

Gary had the vision of developing the Ultimate Cowboy's Dog.

A cattledog that is a gathering, retrieving, herding type dog.

A tough aggressive dog that has the courage to stand up to and handle all types of cattle.
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Smoke, The Ultimate Cowboy's Dog
- Teaching a bull respect
Hangin Tree Cowdog at Work

An intelligent dog that is easy to train.

A short or slick haired dog that can stand the heat when needed and also shed burs and mud with minimal coat maintenance.

A dog with good bone structure that can take the abuse that a cattledog takes from being kicked and ran over.

A dog that is deep and wide in the chest with endurance that will stay with you when the going gets tough.
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Josey and Matte
Josey and Matte - Hangin Tree Cowdogs

A dog that can wind and trail cattle.

Charlie and other cowboys who sure enough use their dogs to get a lot of work done with bad cattle and hard to handle cattle understand and appreciate what Gary did. He did develop The Ultimate Cowboy's Dog.

The Hangin' Tree Cowdog is a purebred working dog bred specifically to work cattle.
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Hard Working Crew!!
Hard Working Crew of Hangin Tree Cowdogs

Gary chose four breeds originally to develop this breed.

  • 3/8 Border Collie for herding instinct and intelligence.
  • 1/8 Catahoula for the ability to trail and find cattle, also for the slick hair coat and toughness.
  • 1/4 Kelpie for endurance and also herding instinct and short hair.
  • 1/4 Australian Shepherd, only a dog called Black Bear went into this breed.
    He was an extremely tough dog with enormous ability.

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Coal - Holding the cattle together
Hangin Tree Cowdog Herding Cattle

The Hangin' Tree Cowdog is distinguished from other stockdogs not only by its appearance but by itís working style.

The dogs are expert gathers of stock while making cattle gentle and easy to handle.

The dogs are very adaptable and can be used for all types of ranching operations from feedlots to open range and cow/calf or stocker programs.

Meet Some of Charlies' Cowdogs

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Panda, the Hangin Tree Cowdog


Coal, Speck, Ruby and Jill, the Hangin Tree Cowdogs

Coal, Speck, Ruby and Jill

Cisco, the Hangin Tree Cowdog


Josey and Matte, Hangin Tree Cowdogs

Josey and Matte

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